Based on your medical history, physical examination, and diagnostic studies, the doctor at Total Health of Wesley Chapel Inc. is recommending a trial course of chiropractic therapy. This may include chiropractic manipulation and physical therapy treatment for your complaint. There are many types of treatment options available in your case and as such, alteration in your treatment may be employed. While it’s true that many patients respond quickly, I anticipate your care to last from one to three months.

While the doctor believes this recommended treatment to be reasonable and necessary and the anticipated benefits to far outweigh their risks, some patients understandably wonder what complications might occur. The doctor thinks you should be made aware of these risks before beginning your treatment.

For the vast majority of patients, there are few, if any, risks. Most of the risks are minimal; such as increased muscle, spinal or extremity pain. If you notice any increase in symptoms please inform the doctor as soon as possible, (alterations in your care may be required). In some patients, more serious complications have occurred; such as broken bones, disc injuries and/or exacerbation, paralysis of the legs or arms; injuries to organs and/or tissue (burns) and/or a vascular accident causing stroke. While none of these complications had ever occurred in this office, nor is it the intent to inflict said complications; should they occur in your case, you would be referred immediately to the appropriate heath care provider for treatment, intervention and/or surgery.

This consent is designed to inform you and not scare you. Thus, if you have any questions the doctor will be glad to discuss them with you before beginning treatment.


Dr. Thomas A. Ladanyi D.C